Quran Friendly Websites and Resources

Holy Quran Dual Page IndoPak15 - screenshot



My need to read some passage of Quran helps me live and function in this world with a better light than I would otherwise. I just tap right into one of my favorite websites in the morning with a cup of tea 🙂

You may ask WHY?

~ It’s quiet simple, I start my day with God’s name to show Him gratitude for everything He has bestowed upon me, a fresh breath of air each day.

So, I find 20 minutes of Quran (reading/ reflecting) very uplifting and inspiring for me. 

What is Quran?

Most people would agree with me when I say “The God” is our Creator and our provider. He is the one and only who holds All-Power and Decree. With this we can understand He did not creator anything without reason, without balance. Human beings can be unjust to themselves and/or others but God is NEVER unjust.


~ Quran is the manual from The God, our Creator and our Provider to learn How-to Live our Lives.

~ Quran is a manual to help us Identify ourselves and understand relationships we have been brought into and How-to deal with them in the best manner.

~ Quran is clear, concise, not manipulated EVER …for all simplistic and curious minds.

Here are some sweet resources to get “Your Manual- THE QURAN”. 

First, a quick and easy links to Quran Websites: 

Websites are very user friendly. I simply chose:

  1. What chapter I like to read {e.g. Chapter 1. Al-Fatihah} from the list on left hand side.
  2. Writing style
  3. Transliteration (check box beside it) and pronunciation of the Arabic text.
  4. Meaning/translation.   Explanation by selected scholars in English (other Language also available).
  5. Mostly importantly, I can hear beautiful Quranic recitation.

And for book lovers: 

This last one is a Quran for profound interactive users, The Touch and Learn Quran (with digital pen). 



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