What is SIN?

Chapter (4) Sūrat l-Nisāa (The Women) *112-114*

Allah swt signifies the meaning of SIN for us to understand and called them Evil & Wrong. The two words used in these ayaat are:                                                                           

  1. yaẓlim ~ Wrong (DEED- ACTION) & 
  2. sūan ~ Evil (INTENTION-THOUGHT). 

And then Allah swt describes the categories of sins: 

Khaīatan ~ a fault

This kind of SIN happens by accident and it is not planned or intentional. Example hurt someone by mistake.

 Sayyi-atun ~ an Evil 

They are inherently BAD and UGLY because it takes plotting, planning and executing these SINS. They are committed with an intention of doing harm. They are described as:

A BAD SIN because they may attract people and they think they are getting some benefit or pleasure out of them.  However in reality, they find themselves in a deeper mess and trouble. And Allah is watching over them. Example stealing

An UGLY SIN is described as that which people don’t even want to look at and the imaginary of this word shows us how rotten they are. Allah swt says, they are like the rotting corpse of an animal. Basically, they are so ugly and rotten and useless that these sins don’t have any benefit or charm to them and yet some people choose to indulge in these acts of sins. Note that these intentional sins take prior thinking, strategic planning, and detour route away from moral and ethical values. They are the worst kind of sin possible. Example telling lies and backbiting. 

Remember, Allah swt in All-Knowing, All-Merciful. Seeking His forgiveness and have hope in His mercy can provide a way out and a refreshing outlook towards achieving good habits and easier life. Insha Allah (God willing)


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