Peace News!!??

Truth-Hope-Peace Work

Truth-Hope-Peace Work

“…Allah’s promise is the truth;

And whose words can be truer than those of Allah.”

Quran (4:122)

Inherently people agree with this statement regardless of their faith, creed or belief.

- in the making

– Promise-

Above verse from Quran, Our Creator consoles us by promising that truth will always prevail, so do good.

He is The Ever-Living, All-Knowing, The True.


No matter how ugly or discouraging a situation may seem because radical media continues to shun the good news and use their hub to slander majority of Muslims who are simply good, intelligent and hardworking people. Mainstream media’s job focuses on slander, deviation and hurtful episodes just to keep their rating pumping high. They disregard people’s need for peace – feelings.

When has News Media ever solved a problem or social discourse?

Just like Shaytaan keeps trying to create problems, News Media rallies for discourse.


People desire peace & want good entertainment. But when they see zoomed-out version of News channels bombarding hatred, general public jump on YouTube to connect with worldwide news channel. Here, people use new technology devices and channels to capture the zoomed-in real-time news events and relay actual feelings of the effected crowd. Then they go viral on the internet.

The Burning Bush Syndrome – People generally seek solutions to their problems because they want peace and good to prevail.



Hence a reminder from GOD helps us realize that the Truth will always WIN. And know that this Promise is enough for us to continue doing any amount of good each day and hope for the best.

Remember – True Promise from Allah swt, The GOD.

Do Good and Stay Good!




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