What is SIN?

Chapter (4) Sūrat l-Nisāa (The Women) *112-114*

Allah swt signifies the meaning of SIN for us to understand and called them Evil & Wrong. The two words used in these ayaat are:                                                                           

  1. yaẓlim ~ Wrong (DEED- ACTION) & 
  2. sūan ~ Evil (INTENTION-THOUGHT). 

And then Allah swt describes the categories of sins: 

Khaīatan ~ a fault

This kind of SIN happens by accident and it is not planned or intentional. Example hurt someone by mistake.

 Sayyi-atun ~ an Evil 

They are inherently BAD and UGLY because it takes plotting, planning and executing these SINS. They are committed with an intention of doing harm. They are described as:

A BAD SIN because they may attract people and they think they are getting some benefit or pleasure out of them.  However in reality, they find themselves in a deeper mess and trouble. And Allah is watching over them. Example stealing

An UGLY SIN is described as that which people don’t even want to look at and the imaginary of this word shows us how rotten they are. Allah swt says, they are like the rotting corpse of an animal. Basically, they are so ugly and rotten and useless that these sins don’t have any benefit or charm to them and yet some people choose to indulge in these acts of sins. Note that these intentional sins take prior thinking, strategic planning, and detour route away from moral and ethical values. They are the worst kind of sin possible. Example telling lies and backbiting. 

Remember, Allah swt in All-Knowing, All-Merciful. Seeking His forgiveness and have hope in His mercy can provide a way out and a refreshing outlook towards achieving good habits and easier life. Insha Allah (God willing)


Quran Friendly Websites and Resources

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My need to read some passage of Quran helps me live and function in this world with a better light than I would otherwise. I just tap right into one of my favorite websites in the morning with a cup of tea 🙂

You may ask WHY?

~ It’s quiet simple, I start my day with God’s name to show Him gratitude for everything He has bestowed upon me, a fresh breath of air each day.

So, I find 20 minutes of Quran (reading/ reflecting) very uplifting and inspiring for me. 

What is Quran?

Most people would agree with me when I say “The God” is our Creator and our provider. He is the one and only who holds All-Power and Decree. With this we can understand He did not creator anything without reason, without balance. Human beings can be unjust to themselves and/or others but God is NEVER unjust.


~ Quran is the manual from The God, our Creator and our Provider to learn How-to Live our Lives.

~ Quran is a manual to help us Identify ourselves and understand relationships we have been brought into and How-to deal with them in the best manner.

~ Quran is clear, concise, not manipulated EVER …for all simplistic and curious minds.

Here are some sweet resources to get “Your Manual- THE QURAN”. 

First, a quick and easy links to Quran Websites: 

Websites are very user friendly. I simply chose:

  1. What chapter I like to read {e.g. Chapter 1. Al-Fatihah} from the list on left hand side.
  2. Writing style
  3. Transliteration (check box beside it) and pronunciation of the Arabic text.
  4. Meaning/translation.   Explanation by selected scholars in English (other Language also available).
  5. Mostly importantly, I can hear beautiful Quranic recitation.

And for book lovers: 

This last one is a Quran for profound interactive users, The Touch and Learn Quran (with digital pen). 




  •  Adh-Dhariyat means Scattered winds, cool breeze which is very peculiar. Winds that affect the people. There are several benefits from the wind which makes it easy for people to cultivate, carry-on everyday work with ease, enjoy a walk in the park, take a flight to visit Vancouver or make sand castles by the sea shore ~
  • Also, the breeze that will be provided on the Day of Judgment, and in jannah. And a different kind of wind that brings ABOUT DESTRUCTION, tornadoes, tsunami ~ wind from the hell-fire, etc.
  • Ali (ra) was talking to the people from Kufah explaining this surah: adh-dhariayat is the “reeh” (the wind).
  • Adh-dhariayat is referring to the wind that collects dust, move around the sand and water vapors for clouds which will eventually move the ships in the ocean.
  • Among the story of Sarah (ra) when she was given the news of her pregnancy is also mentioned here when she was old. It was strange to be pregnant at her age which has never happened before or after her. So, her pregnancy is named as Hamelaat  which is a very heavy pregnancy, difficult. Some women know how difficult their whole pregnancy is. But Allah swt says that He makes the delivery of those children easy for the mother. It also refers to our rizq because baby is provided and taken care of every moment in his mother’s womb and when he is born, his sustenance is ready for him in the purest form, from his mother milk… Subhaan Allah!
  • These winds are like the deeds of the people which will become scattered particles on Day of judgement (DOJ), some good, some bad and some useless.
  • Farmers are familiar with a kind of Adh-Dhariyat (winnowing) wind that collects water vapor’s for clouds, they carry loads of water and are heavy. Although they look so light and look like they are not carrying much, but so many benefits comes from them. That is how we pass our lives too but don’t realize everything we do is being collected and recorded about us til the Day of judgement. 
  • And what about those ships that sail with ease. The letter “fa” = these ships are able to float and sail within the deep oceans with ease.
  • How many times do we thank Allah swt for these winds?  Most times our planes fly in the sky with ease. It is not the mechanics of the ships or plane that is enough for the movement and balance in the oceans or the skies.
  • Winds carry sustenance; provide us with the wind to help our ships/transportation move. The transportation of these clouds are commanded by Allah swt for our benefit which we take for granted. Angels move these winds according to Allah swt commands for us.
  1. Jibrael (a)’s job is to deliver the message of Allah swt to the prophet.
  2. Mikael’s job is to distribute mercy, wind is included in our sustenance.
  3. Israfeel’s job is to blow the horn.
  4. Malak-ul-Maut, the Angle of death takes our ruh(soul) away.
  • These 4 angels have appointed job and purpose which is well proportioned, with purpose.
  • Everything moves in small or large quantity, is controlled by Allah swt which is no problem for Him (swt). Look how much benefits come from them.
  • Allah swt is swearing by these winds. Indeed we are being promised that Allah swt is The Care Taker. At the same time, He is swearing and confirming to us that He will bring us together which is no problem for Him (swt). This is the promise of Allah to the believers and the non- believers.
  • Affirming His promise but at the same time, it is wa’ied” which is a warning for all that we will have to face the consequence of our actions, deeds on the DOJ.
  • When we die and become dust, how are we brought back together? This wind is the sign for us to reflect and know it is going to happen soon. It is already been decided and prepared for us. We will be brought to life the same way, seeds sprout from barren lands when rain falls on them. 
  • Now Allah swt is swearing by heavens that are quite peculiar which has never happened before. Earlier, Allah swt talked about the matters of the earth and now about the heavens. This earth is so small compared to the heavens. When he controls and balances heavens, earth is nothing for Him.
  • Hobuk” mentioned in this surah means something beautiful and strong in the heavens. Allah swt swears by it.
  • Allah swt saying that people who lie are saying, reacting in different ways. They have different views of the akhirah, and the Creator’s existence. Some believes have different view about the DOJ. They have different view of the prophet (s) and therefore, slandering him (s). They could not even agree on one view because they know they are not on truth. And do not want to commit to the truth. That is why they say weird things. They turn away from something beautiful and strong! which will strengthen them.  
  • They say prophet (s) is deluded whereas they are ones in delusion.
  • Ifk”_ and ‘kazb’ difference.
  1. ‘Kazb’may have some logic behind it but
  2. ‘ifk’ has no bearing on truth or common sense, and they are deluded.
  • Allah swt says, may man be destroyed because he is so UNGRATEFUL? He makes up things as he goes along to escape the truth. He is choosing to remain ignorant.
  • Sahoon” is a person who makes his own theories to fit his need, ignoring common sense and truth. There are many people who indulge in such work day and night to escape the plane and simple truth. 
  • Even then, look at the mercy of Allah swt to grant them respite to their deeds.
  • Allah swt says this day when they will be burned. Fitnah” means to burn! when they will be burned in hell because they did not seek repentance from their sins in dunya. This is the process of cleansing and purification. In Arabic, Goldsmith is called Fatin because he extracts pure gold by burning metal ores. 
  • Allah swt asks a Rhetorical question: “This is what you were waiting for! Now taste it. You were in haste for DOJ. Taste the fitnah that you created. Rushing to the punishment.”

  • The believers should be the ones asking for hurrying up but they are scared and humbled = “almuttaqeen”. They are the ones who will have homes in paradise with their name already assigned and written for them. Some might already be settled their.
  • Paradise of this world is “yaqeen” (believing in the clear proof and truth from Allah swt) for the believers. Ibn Qayyim said jannah is in my heart. Meaning desire Jannah, not dunya!!!
  • Many springs, multiple gardens and blessings in jannah will will given to us due to our taqwa (God consciousness). Allah swt will provide everything and more for us, jannah’s provision and luxury. Allah is Al-Wahaab, the giver of gifts!!!
  • And for the “muhsineen” and they will take it with joy. They will be given total custody of these things.  Muhsin is a person who takes extra steps to take precaution, safeguard his life and others, forgives people and still continues to do good for the sake of Allah swt.  
  • Here, Allah swt is describing the state of the believer who prays some portion of the night. Either, most of the night they were sleeping, or most of the night they were praying: 2 meanings:
  1. Some people take rida(loan) in this dunya from Allāh swt. He is always patience and says alhumdulillah. 
  2. Some sleep little of the night and offer more during the night. This comes in the form of Sanaa.
  3. Some will offer little ibadaad during the night. Night is a especial time to connect with Allah swt. There are no distractions for ones who want to strengthen their connection with Allah swt.   
  • Prophet (s) said feed others, keep your relations close and spread salaam and wake up at night to pray, so you may be entered into jannah.
  • Allah swt is saying that respite their night prayers, these people would seek forgiveness in the last hour of the night. It is the best time to seek the forgiveness of your lord. Duas are accepted most at that hour. What an opportunity for the believers. They are fighting the comfort of their bed and sleep and relaxation to pray to Allāh swt.
  • Allāh swt says, these people spend from what has been given to them.

  • Why? When the person tastes the sweetness of connection to Allāh swt, nothing else matters.
  •  This is the way you show excellence. Praying at night is beautiful to Allāh swt and those people excel when they give to those who need it for the sake of Allah swt.